Restaurants tutorial/walkthrough bugs

First, I’m really grateful that someone built React Studio. I’m just testing it out from doing React more manually.

Second, I’m mostly just writing these up as my notes of what I’m seeing. And, I’m asking, Is anyone else working on updating the Hackernoon Tutorial? If nobody else will, I might take a crack at it. It’s a good way to learn.

So, with that said, these are the bugs I ran into. I’m following the hackernoon tutorial. (no link because I’m a new user…)
React Studio was installed today: “Version 1.7.9 (372)”


  1. When trying to “reload data from service” for the reviews collection, I’m getting the error: " The web service didn’t return any data.". I verified that the collection has documents.
    NOTE: I’m able to do this fine for restaurants.
  2. After logging in once, i’m getting the login with google button missing. (Button reappears when I use incognito mode.) See here:
  3. Various errors in the webserver running.
  4. Reviews not showing. (Note, I’m able to add a review. And I’m able to see in the firebase console that the new review is in the “reviews” collection. So writing a document to “reviews” collection is fine. But, maybe some issue with reading.

Lastly, if these are known issues, any (quick, <5min) tips are appreciated. I’m fine going through the code myself.


PS. If someone can change my settings so I can upload more than one image, I would appreciate it! Otherwise, I’ll just use imgur.


  1. You are probably missing default value from “selected restaurant ID” data slot. If data slot is empty then the query for loading Reviews cannot work. For development purposes I suggest you to load reviews into Studio once by adding restaurant Id into Data slot and then in the app you simply update the Data slot value (restaurant ID) based on what user clicks in the app.

If you check from developer tools console you should see what is the query for each data sheet in screen.

  1. This is something that I have no idea about. The login is completely handled by Firebase SDK so the issue is probably in the sdk etc.

  2. These are not actual errors, these are warnings.

  3. Take a look at the developer console and see if the query for reviews is correct with restaurant Id in place.