Retrieving Images from Firebase Storage

Hellow world. I just watched the video on uploading documents to Firebase Storage. I’ve since uploade a number of image files manually into Firebase. I don’t quite understand how to display those images in lists in React Studio. I have the urls saved to the data sheet for the selected row (saved as text, not pictures, as the latter seems to require uploading the image from the desktop). I’ve set up the component to expect an image file, linked to the data sheet (carried value). I don’t understand why it’s not displaying my stored images. Please advise. Thanks.

Have you tested the image urls by opening them in browser? If I remember correctly accessing the uploaded image in Firestore cloud requires the link generated in the cloud admin. I think the link contains some kind of token etc.

Confirmed. I copied the link into a browser and the image is visible.

The image element should be able to just work if you give it a working url. Try adding the url also into Text label in the same screen to see that the prop actually contains the url path. If the text label will not get the image url then the issue is in the data flow of the app.

Confirmed. Those are the correct urls, and they do point to the selected images when pasted into a browser window. Under the Image’s Data tab, should I enter the column name into the Image dropdown or the Target URL Dropdown?

Correction: I don’t know what happened, but now it’s working. Let’s call this closed. Thanks.