Routing with a parameter not working?

I am trying to use the routing with parameters feature but it is not working for me. I have a screen to view/read some posts. The dataSlot with the ID for that post is “ds_selectedPost”. When I configure the screen like this:

That should just work fine. However, I don’t see any parameter in the url path when I load one of the post. And it does not work if I manually type the postID in the url:

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

I am sorry about my question, it was my mistake not to do the last step with the Go to interaction. I realized about it reading this post:

So there is no issue with it in RS. Thank you!

How did you fix this? Was it because you didn’t put the document-key in the collection ID path of the selectedPosts datasheet?


Actually it was because I was missing a last step. When you stablish the “Go to” interaction in a hot spot or button, you have to specify the routing parameters:

You can see it in the right side of the screenshot. I was doing everything fine but this part. Now it works just fine.

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