Row.key undefined in update datasheet with Xano

If I try to update a datasheet with Xano it cannot find the row in the datasheet because it uses row.key which is undefined.
Please see the RS settings and the debugger screen print below

To clarify, the “key” column is not one of my columns. I think this is a relict of the Firebase plugin and it should use the “id” column in XANO instead.

“key” column is part of the data sheet implementation. In list item component and details view for example there’s a link to a data sheet row where “key” value comes from. If you are using it somewhere else using the “send data” interaction’s “plugin” target might work better. It allows you to call a specific endpoint and choose which data to send.

Thanks for your reply @juha_neonto .
The row.key parameter is used to find the row to update but it doesn’t find it because row.key is undefined. It calls replaceItemByKey() with row.key as the key parameter of the function replaceItemByKey. Then it calls rowIndexForKey(key) with the undefined key parameter. Then it searches through the datasheet comparing this undefined parameter to the key column in the datasheet.

Then it returns -1 because it did not find it.
So, the update does not work.
This seems like a bug because the developer does not know that the key column is missing and this only works for list items.
Would be nice if you could change that because I quite often would like to use the update datasheet feature. If the developer would be able to decide to use the key column or another column to search and maybe as input a dataslot, element or the key field from the list item component that would be great.

However, in the meantime I used the Plugin tab option as you suggested.