Save timestamp in Firebase with React Studio

I am storing values in a collection in Firebase and I would like to add a field with a timestamp so I can query by that. How could I add the timestamp with React Studio?

Add the timestamp to input object with Script in “Save data” interaction. In the example I’ve done it with Unix timestamp.

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I have been busy creating an admin panel to manage the database so I can edit all elements in the database and add new elements. I used a modification of your suggested script and it works fine but there a few things I am not entirely convinced.

I believe some of the issues I am experiencing is that when I use the script, the date is stored as a “number”, which is the long number that correspond to the seconds. But as Firestore has a specific way to point the date with the “Timestamp” field, I believe it would be more appropriate to use that “Timestamp” field. How could I modify the script to add a “Timestamp” that is understood but the Firestore database?

I’m not an expert on this but if you want to store the server timestamp you could write a cloud function which adda server timestamp every time when new document is created.

For ”client timestamp” I would still save time as unix time to prevent any possible issues with different time zones etc.

Thank you as always for your answer. It would be fine for me to use Unix time. The thing I am having some issues and I thought it was because I was not using the Timestamp option. But I have made some tests and there is something wrong in my script or somewhere. When I create a new document, I have the following script to save the date:

However, I just saved a new document and the saved date is wrong. When I went to check the number in a page where it converts the Unix time to a date this is the result:

I believe it is saving a longer number that it should and that is why it is not working properly.

What did I do wrong?

Hi, is it possible that the website your’e using is converting seconds not milliseconds? If you look at the getTime() Javascript specs it returns “milliseconds from 1970” not seconds.

That’s right. And I also discover that I had some inconsistencies in the way the date was stored in my database. For some documents the date was a string and for others it was a number. I just fixed all of them and made all the date fields to be a number in milliseconds. When I add a new document it now works perfectly.

Thank you!