Saving Data Interaction Issue


I create a new topic so I don’t use the React Updates thread to talk about this issue. I received @Antti_Neonto project back but I still have the issue and I am sure it is not something I am doing wrong but some issue with the interaction. I have recorded a new video where I show how it happens several times and it refuses to record the data to save with the icon:

As you can see the issue is that apparently the interaction is there when you select it, but after clicking in any other side, it just disappears and there’s no saved values.

I have tried to completely remove the application and install it again. I have tried with different versions of my project. And the problem is still there.

I have also downloaded a previous version of React Studio and the issue is still there! :thinking:

It is quite an obstacle because I am stuck as I cannot change anything in the interactions from the present elements and I am not able to create anything new having the save data interaction.

Thank you!

Edit. Just some heads up. I ignored the fact that the values in the saving data window were getting cleared when I clicked outside and went ahead and try the project and the icon is saving the fields. However when I come back to the project the fields are apparently empty -blank-. So the issue seems to be that the fields does not reflect the value that is selected.

The problems seems to be with the search field. If you write a search term and select something from the popup it won’t be saved. That’s a bug. We’ll fix it!

Meanwhile you can use it if you just don’t use the search field.

Ok! I will do that. I am glad you found it. I thought it was me or my project with something wrong.