Saving Phone Number From Google Phone Number Login

Hi there - is it possible to save the phone number the a user enters when signing into google using the “phone number” method? I have tried the out of the box data slots but none of them seem to save it (user name (social accounts), random id (key value of sorts), email address and user photo).

I only have the phone number sign in method enabled and want to save that phone number to a data-slot value I can filter data off of in the rest of the application. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, if you look at the Firebase login plugin code you can probably edit it in a way that there’s a Phone number setting and that the phone number is saved to selected data slot when user authenticates.

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Got it. Thank you. I will let you know how I get along. If I figure it out - I will post the code back here for future use.

Hi again, I took some time this morning and played around with the Firebase Login plugin. I added Data slot picker for Phone number and also added code generation to template code to save phone number in case it is available.

Just open up the Studio and update the plugin from Plugin manager.


Antti. This is great!

Thank you so much! Awesome.

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The plugin file on the server was not updated earlier today but is now fixed. Just restart the Studio and update should work.