Select any kind of file with Firebase upload in a mobile device

I saw that by default the plugin for Firebase upload was only accepting image files. I edited the plugin following some answer from @Antti_Neonto in another post asking about accepting mp3 files, but I wrote specifically pdf and now it is allowing me to upload them in the computer.

The issue is that I can’t in the mobile. I have tried in my iPhone, no idea if it would work on Android, but I can’t select any kind of file: nor pdf or any other. They all appear grey and not selectable.

Any way to fix it?

Just an update to this. It was easy to solve. I just left the beginning of the getReactWebJSXCode like this:

this.getReactWebJSXCode = function(exporter){
var jsx = “<FileUploader/n”

  • " accept=“image/”+"*"\n"
  • " accept=""+""\n"

That allowed me to select any kind of file in the Desktop and mobile. Thanks!