Set data slot and switch not working

Am I missing something on how the multiple interactions are supposed to work? I have on button click set a data slot then go to a switch to navigate to a specific screen based on the data slot value. It shows some very odd behavior.

Hi, this is a clear bug. The “Switch” reads the value from props not from data slots. This means that target value is not yet updated. We’ll fix this in the upcoming release.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Thanks for responding. I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong. I follow your guides on YouTube and those usually work perfectly. Then when I take the concepts from there and try to apply them in different ways I don’t get the expected results so I’m unsure if it is something I am doing wrong or if it is a bug. Is there a bug tracking tool? GitLab or something where bugs should be logged or just report them here in the forums?

Thank you again for all your efforts this tool is simply amazing.


React Studio is a sort of side project to Studio’s enterprise customisations which pay our bills. It’s released “as is” and currently does not have any bug tracker other than this support forum. It’s just matter of our resources. We’ve noticed that many users tend to use elements really “creatively” and that causes lot of head ache for us :grinning:

Originally the main idea in the Studio is that users (clients) understand code so they usually can track what the issues in the exported code and would be able to offer ready solution to our code generation. The scary part for us is that we just don’t have the resources to monitor and solve issues when non-technical users start building really complex apps without understanding e.g. what is backend stuff and what is the UI part. The understanding code and how “data flow” goes is essential when trying to build anything complex and custom.

If we’d been building traditional no-code tool then the design environment would be probably much more limited to certain use cases. Thats the tradeoff when trying to put really complex things into simple form :slight_smile:

That makes total sense. I do understand the code generated although my learning for React started with ReactStudio. Prior to that I used angular. So I can certainly understand and modify the code generated. Where I saw this tool was as a rapid prototyping tool to ease the pain of specifying x/y coordinates of UI elements and flush out the “flow” of the application first before modifying the code. Obviously the scenario I posted about initially was the very first step of the application flow I had in mind. Again your efforts and what you are offering to the general public is much appreciated. The idea of submitting bugs was to hopefully offer in return free QA which would in turn assist with your paying clients. But again I sincerely appreciate the fact that you have released this and that you are interacting with those using it.