Small app to test image sizes on devices

Trying to figure out how small I can make images and still look good on various devices. I created a basic app with various image sizes for full-screen, and also for a box that measures 320x180px. Tonight I will visit the electronics store and view on an assortment of phones and tablets. Will let you know the results.
Link to file:
The full screen images are 1,000x1369, with jpeg image quality from 80–10, and file sizes ranging from 177.70–68.33kb.
There are two sizes for the 320x180px image sizes. Names with an β€œh” are saved at twice that size (640x360px), jpeg quality from 80–50, and file sizes from 95.76–37.99kb. Names with β€œhh” are saved at 320x180px with jpeg quality from 80–50, and file sizes from 30.37–14.50kb.

I looked at those images on a large, retina-display ipad. I was shocked that they looked fantastic all the way down to a jpeg quality of 20. But, the photos that were the exact size as used in the app (320x180 pixels) looked bad at all quality settings. The 640x360 images looked fantastic down to a quality of 20.
These images were all saved using a new program named Affinity Pro. It looks to have all the bells-and-whistles of Photoshop, but it’s only $49us. I’m really impressed with the programs ability to compress jpegs. I plan to do a comparison using Photoshop.

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