Snippet for screen transition

Snippet really convenient!

I use it frequently. It save so much time.

if RS support snippet for screens transitioning, it save much more time.

You can create and save your own Snippets under “User snippets” section. It helps a bit even though you need to write the screen name id manually. Btw. if you change the screen name you need to remember to edit the script as well.

I know this way, but it still need to remembering screen name. The best way is SELECTING class name in a list, it keep “MIND” cleaner.

Implementing that should be relatively easy, we’ll add it to the next release.

it is easy but it keep mind cleaner :grinning::+1:

Custom snippet very useful, I use it frequently.

But it should to be saved into React Studio storage, then snippet can be shared cross projects.
At this point of time, I have to copy it between projects.