Spreadsheet data


In my test project I have a spreadsheet with two columns. Column 1 is ‘country’, column 2 is picture of a flag.

I also have slot ds_country which stores name of a country, which I get from a picker.

I now want to display the flag from the spreadsheet. How do I use the value stored in ds_country to access the picture of the flag in the spreadsheet, and assign it to an image element? I’ve tried various ways but can’t seem to make it work.

Thank you

Hi try to use states in the forms. There is also this good example

You could also filter the list based on the value in Data slot (country from picker selection). Read more about the list filtering here: https://medium.com/@reactstudio/using-a-script-for-filtering-sorting-list-in-react-studio-ec0a5244719e