Strange behaviour

if i have two screens one with a buttom and an input box and the second one with a label and i go to the second screen all the components on the first screen are hidden but they can be clicked or they can be edited.
i think that the use of last and current screen have some problems!
can you help me?

let screenEl = makeElementForScreen(this.state.currentScreen, this.state.currentScreenProps, true, this.state.screenTransitionForward);
let prevScreenEl = null;
if (this.screenHistory.length >= 2) { // For transitions, we want to show the previous screen below
let prevScreenState = this.screenHistory[this.screenHistory.length - 2];
prevScreenEl = makeElementForScreen(prevScreenState.currentScreen, prevScreenState.currentScreenProps, false, this.state.screenTransitionForward);

return (
  <div className="App">

Hi, thanks for your message! This is a known issue and appears when screen doesn’t have anything in Scroll flow element group. This will be fixed in the upcoming release.