Supabase Data plugin?

Are there any Supabase users here? Do you think we ahould build a Data plugin for Supabase?

If so then what kind of functionality would be most important?


Hi antt,
consider using
it have realtime events and functions.
if you make a dataplugin for appwrite, it is the best !!!

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Thanks Paolo, I’ll definitely take a look at this.


Have you compared AppWrite and Supabase? Both seem pretty nice and have quite similar feature sets.

Appwrite seems to be NoSql and Supabase Sql (Postgress). Both philosophies have their advantages and are right tools for the right jobs.

What are the differences between the two sistems about new columns and table schema?
Supabase can add columns dinamically? Is a nosql server indipendent from table schema and then more usable like firebase? For other specific uses I think the a rest server is sufficient. See

NoSQL and SQL databases are really different what comes to how they work. Both have their advantages and sometimes you even need to use both for getting the best result.

In NoSql there are no tables because they are basically just document stores without any relationships between entities. This makes NoSQL really fast in some cases but also you need to have lot’s of code to keep the database clean and you don’t have the possibility to do same kind of queries as you can with relational database.

In NoSql every document can have totally different fields (equivalent to columns in SQL world) than other documents in the same collection/JSON document.

do you have already make some javascript query with Supabase?

Antii i’m testing also Cassandra by Apache :grinning:

do you have news about this project?

I’ve been reading about Supabase and I’m in if it is considered to make a plugin for RS!