Support request Antd framework

We have lot of components in antd, it’s very helpful for easy and fast design the react app, Can you provide the support for Antd

Hi, adding new UI-framework is quite big task and would require a sponsor for the development work usually these kind of projects starts from 20k EUR and the final cost depends how many elements need to be added and how much they affect on basic implementations (data linking etc.).

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Thanks @Antti_Neonto

Hi @Antti_Neonto - per your comment below is this coming along, that we can replace the MUI framework with another? If there is a way to crowdsource the work of adding new components, I am sure many on this forum will be interested in helping out (including me).

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Antti can I test it for you also?

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The code generation is so tightly coupled with Studio’s source code that unfortunately we cannot open up that to others (skills needed to collaborate would be Objective-C, Javascript and React). The UI Framework plugin API is still quite far away from being ready and is not our biggest priority task at the moment.

The easiest way to create new elements is to simply write element plugins (