Taking value from a dataSlot doesn't work after editing the text field

You can tell I am actively using RS lately :slight_smile:

I have a text field which value is taken from a dataSlot. Then I have a picker with suggestions to fill that text field, and the selection goes to the dataSlot. I have created a small script so the selected suggestions are added to previous one if it detects that there is already some value in the dataSlot. So far so good.

However, sometimes the user will take some suggestion and edit it to customize it. After manually editing the text field, the picker/dataSlot won’t update the text field anymore.

Is there any action that I can put in place to allow the user to add some of the suggestions to the customized input? I don’t know if some script would solve the issue but I have tried some ideas and I was not able to do it.


Nevermind! I realized after writing the post that I didn’t stablished to save the text field content into the dataSlot as well. After I did that it behaves as I expected. Sorry!