Target URL button interaction

Can’t seem to figure out why this is not working.

I have a button with ‘open link’ interaction when tapped. Dynamic URL comes from ‘Target URL’ field in the data tab.

It works just fine when I pick data sheet property where the URL is stored, but not when I pick a data slot.

Same URL in both cases.

Any idea?


I should add that the button is in a component that I am using in a list element. List data source is a spreadsheet. I only want that one button to get it’s URL from a data slot as I need to dynamically create it each time from data in the spreadsheet.

Hi, investigated the issue and there seemed to be a bug. It’ll be fixed in the next update!

Thanks Juha! When is the next release coming?

We try to do it this week if nothing bad happens.

That’d be great. Thank you.

Hi, update is out now.

P.S. May I ask why are you loading the url from Data slot instead of Data sheet? Data slot value reflects to all places where it is used so if you change it then state will change and if data slot value is used in list item then all buttons will have the same target url.


I am building the URL dynamically (with script) from keywords in spreadsheet (Firebase) and a few ‘base’ URLs that are in other data slots. It is easier to store just keywords in the spreadsheet instead of having all those URLs in the spreadsheet.

Thanks for fixing it!

Thanks for the clarification. Now it makes sense to as well :slight_smile: