Text field in Scroll Flow doesn't align to edges

I have placed a Text field in a component adjusting the left and right side to the edges with a small margin:

However, the content of the text field does not adjust to the edges, and continues to flow in one single line:

In understand this text field should respect the align edges or have a checkbox where you can activate or deactivate it. How could I do it?


Hi, in the screen shot the text looks fine to me. The last letter “o” is cutted as it doesnt fit cmopletely into field area. Based on the screen shots I’m not quite sure what is the problem.

I am sorry I didn’t explain it properly. The window element fit in the screen. But the content doesn’t go to the next line. If I use a fixed text element, the text will wrap to the box. With the text field, it doesn’t. But what I am trying to have here is an editable box of text but is is quite difficult if the user has a long line of text.

I hope I explained it better this time.

Ok then you need to use “Editable text area” element. It’s basically a multiline input field.

P.S. the input fields are “fixed height” so they do not adapt to text but multiline input field will show scrolling bars when the text is longer.

Ups! I just tried and that’s it. I am sorry about that! I thought I have tried that option but obviously I didn’t. Now I see it exactly as I was expecting. Thanks!

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