Text fileds value from dataslot not update itself

it seems that text fileds does not update its value always from datataslot when it changes.
can you verify?

regards Paolo

Could you specify the exact situation and are you talking about text field (input field) or text label?

If you’re using lot’s of custom scripts then it’s definitely possible that the DOM is not rendered correctly.

The problem is in components with input fields inside.
Only text labels takes values from dataslot and not input fields.

Currently input fields apply data linkage value only when the containing screen/component is created. Usually that’s when the screen/component appears to the screen (but not always, e.g. when the screen/component re-appears). Unfortunately we can’t make input fields apply data slot value any time it changes because there are many situations where it would unintentionally overwrite the user edited value.

We would be probably able to solve the issue by adding a setting, etc. but we would need to know the exact situation where the problem occurs.

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Juha, tanks for explanation.
Your analisy is exact . The screen is already visible and it is not refreshing.
It is very important to update the input fields for example to allow the user to change a pre-existent value, or some javascript functions update the dataslot in background.
If you developp this it will solve many problems in my apps.
Regards and i love React Studio

New update (1.7.9) should be now available when you start React Studio. It now constantly reads data slot value in text field/area’s ‘text’ data linkage if you have also set the same data slot as target for the element’s Save data… -interaction. Unfortunately those are the restrictions we currently have without making bigger changes to the codebase. I hope it helps!


say if we have a txt field of fieldCapture and i have 5 buttons (values for the 5 buttons are )
btn1=1 btn2=2 btn3=3 btn4=4 btn5=5

if i have a side draw loaded and they push btn1 and then btn2 btn4 btn5 cause the txt box update as they are pushinig buttons 1245 and then use the 3rd button to submit value of whats in text of fieldCapture. can that be done somehow in this to auto update the value as they push different buttons.

i got my own issue worked out

(i thought i can do it by save Data then Operation Set (but it resets it) and i wanted to append to existing and Update to current say ds_slot)

well heres how i got around to it to each of the 10 buttons (keypad) (might be a lil ugly)

var dsget = this.props.appActions.dataSlots[‘ds_number’];
var dsdata = dsget + “1”;
var dsupdate = this.props.appActions.updateDataSlot(‘ds_number’, dsdata);
var input = dsupdate;

for backspace i added this where it gathered the current ds_number and took last digit

input = info.substring(0, str.length - 1);