This feels like a dumb question about Camera.plugin structure

I’m trying to figure out how plugins work and am looking at the Camera.plugin, I see where the iOS and android code templates are for taking a picture (in the Resources folder) but I can’t find it for javascript, what am I missing?

I searched for “canvas” but all I get is the icon generator in Main.js!

I am only interested in generating a plugin for reactjs, am I in the right place?

Thanks for your patience :stuck_out_tongue:


No (self) you are looking at the incomplete Camera.plugin that you found somewhere, look at the one that is downloaded from the plugin store, it has a whole world more code.

Plugin store > Camera
then find it in ~/Library/Application Support/React Studio/Component Plugins

There you will see the folder Resources/templates-web/component-templates.js
which is what you were missing.


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