This react studio is only for visual design?

This react studio is only for visual design?

Hi, could you open up a bit what you mean by “visual design” on this matter? React Studio generates real human readable and editable code based on designs in the Studio.

React Studio is tool that let’s you build ReactJS web app UI’s and connect data into UI by using Data plugins. It’s not a complete out-of-the-box no-code system such as Bubble etc. Using Studio efficiently requires usually that you have some developers in your team. One cannot do business logic or backend stuff in React Studio without having to write custom plugins.

Personally I’d call React Studio more a “App assembly tool” rather than “just” a design tool.


I had a similar question specifically: if I modify the code generated and exported from react studio, and a month later an addition or change is needed to the UI design, can I still use react studio to make those UI changes?

Or is it better to think of react-studio as a “spring board” to generate the code skeleton of the project from an initial design, then you start refining that code (in VSCode or whatever) and stop using react studio?

UPDATE: I realized I have another somewhat related question which is could react studio be used on an existing react project? I assume not right? I assume you’d have to recreate it in react studio?

Hi, yes one cannot import existing projects. It would be rather impossible to re-engineer any code into visually editable format because code could be anything and probably Studio would not even have the UI controls to match the code.

Anyway I’d suggest you yo think Studio as one developer on your team. You can simply merge the Code generated by Studio into you project. This means that you can make edits into your Studio projects anytime and then just merge the code into your custom code ”manually” with e.g. Git.