Timer component make web more native app likely

if ReactStudio have a timer component, it really cool to make app more active :sunny:

Hi, what kind of Timer component do you mean? Usually it’s not a good idea to add too much “flashing” elements onto screens to maintain good user experience.

Btw. I’ve hacked this kind of “timer” together in Studio: https://neonto.cloud/preview/dx5e6wyb

This uses Value transformer script shows current date in text label and the app state is updated every second simply by generic JSON plugin. I don’t suggest this approach but it kind of works :wink:

I mean count down timer to show message to user at interval time.

for example, I want to show to customer Notification to come to counter to get their coffee.
But I want to show the message only 30s for example.

so I need a timer to count down in order to close message when reaching time interval.

Ok, then I think you need to add some kind of “real” notification system to your app. E.g. Firebase has handy Cloud messaging but you need to build some kind of backend for taking care of sending the notification for particular user: https://codeburst.io/how-to-add-push-notifications-on-firebase-cloud-messaging-to-react-web-app-de7c6f04c920

sending notification doesn’t matter, I only want to display it 30s, then auto close it. Some time I want to ring customer phone, but do not want to disturb people around by ring it forever.

Maybe you could use states and change the state of the order when it is ready, maybe something like this: https://neonto.cloud/preview/l9xbbgra

You could then simply host the orders e.g. in Google Sheet and edit the rows when order is ready and delete row when order is fetched.

If you just have one global component then every user would see the same “notification” and I’m guessing that’s not what you want. We don’t have any ready solution for component that disappears after certain time so you probably need to do some custom coding to achieve this.

thank you for your suggesting,

here I only recommend a feature for next version of reactstudio, If it practical, you may consider to add to React Studio to make it more powerful, but if it not really practical, you skip it.


thank you !


Unfortunately this kind of feature does not seem to be generic enough in most use cases. It is not likely that we would add it in the near future.