Topic for Feature requests

This topic is for feature requests. Write your feature request clearly and feel free to add screenshots etc. to your suggestions.

Please that we already have road map which is mostly driven by the paid Enterprise customization projects.

can you put a confirm dialog in mobile preview button click?

Hi, I’ll create a topic for “Feature requests”. It will be much cleaner than having topic for each small feature request.

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hi, can you make picker scrollable with maximum number of items to show?

Hi, we haven’t found any solution for making dropdown list (picker but in desktop) to open on top of screen if it is placed inside the component. If you have example code how to achieve this please post it here.

if you edit the css of select component and set the height to a small value like 108
the game is done!!!

class=“mui-select__menu” style="height: 108px; top: -42px;

can you try?