TypeScript support


ReactStudio looks really cool and I want to use that in future, but I develop my components for React in TypeScript.

Are you planning to bring TypeScript export/support to this software?

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Hi there! So far we’ve wanted to keep React Studio as vanilla as possible so we don’t have plans for supporting TypeScript export. Technically it is definitely be possible.

P.S. Actually we’ve already built exporter for Objective C (iOS) and Java (Android) in Native Studio so the exported code can be pretty much anything (when there is a client to sponsor the development).

Is this answer still the case now? We also use typescript.

the answer is still the same. We’re happy to create Typescript variant if there’s a sponsor for the project.

Out of curiosity, what is the expectation when it comes to sponsorship for TypeScript support?


Usually customisations projects start from 30 to 50k USD but it depends a lot on the project scope and if the customisation is exclusive or not. These are not small projects because these require lot of management and testing etc.