Updated to recent version and doesnt work blank screen

not sure where to begin i get a blank screen

do i go to the directory of the app and do npm

Browserslist: caniuse-lite is outdated. Please run next command npm update

i get a ton of these showing up (not sure if the unused vars break it)
Line 58: ‘lng’ is assigned a value but never used no-unused-vars

Line 519: Imported JSX component Login_welcomeScreen must be in PascalCase react/jsx-pascal-case
npm WARN firebaseui@4.5.1 requires a peer of firebase@>=7.11.0 but none is installed. You must install peer dependencies yourself.

Hi, based on this it’s hard to say what’s going without the project file on but try deleting the whole source code folders and simply run the Open in browser or Export React Code. Sometimes there are older code files left in place between code generation (e.g. if you change the name of the screen the old code files may stay in place).

Error message also points something related to Login screen name. Try changing the screen name to e.g. Login, screen name reflects to class names in code and maybe React router requires PascalCase naming convention…

If possible send us the zipped React Studio project file to hello@neonto.com

I don’t know if my answer will help but It happened to me that the implementation of React router made something as described: getting white pages when refreshing a page that is not the main page or coming back from a different url to my project.

The solution was to specify for each one of my screens the page that was to be shown if the user is not correctly logged. So I pointed in that option the login screen in every screen in my project and that solved the problem.

im using a switch (but if i unhook the switch it doesnt blank) but i have it lookup if user is passed in the URL then bypass login so its like if/then (that part seems broke but not sure if the new update did that)


You’re right, If the Switch is used as first launch in App it doesn’t work with the React Router. This is something we’ll check but the next release will be available in about three to four weeks.

You could try to add the logic directly to the Login screens componentDidMount() code or similar…