Use the action "Go To" instead of "Open Link" to integrate an html page within the public folder

I am aware this goes out of the scope of React Studio but I ask here to see if someone can guide me in the right direction to solve my issue. In my RS project there is one resource which is a JS webapp that I use as an independent resource. Basically the user navigates through the Project and when a resource is selected, opens this webapp which is included into the “public” folder but it is not a component of the Project.

That works just fine. My issue is related with authentication. When the user goes to that resource and then comes back to the RS Project, has to authenticate again. Of course it is configured to automatically authenticate and remember credentials, but still it requires to begin the navigation from the Login gate and then points to the “Home” Screen and it would be much better if I can achieve to integrate this authenticated user into my external resource.

I have tried to include the code snippet from Firebase into the resource code but it was not enough. I was wondering if there would be something to do like editing the Firebase plugin or something to consider this external resource part of the project and to retain this user when using it.

Thank you very much in advance.

you should consider Redux Persistence

you should consider to use navigation parameters…

Thank you both for your answers. I have also been pointed to JWT but I believe that if I can get the webapp that is located in the folder “public” to be considered as one screen in the project, that would solve the issue. I need to read more in depth but it seems to be possible. So far, what I do is to put the webapp folder in “public” folder and point to it with a button that triggers the action “open url” — “./follow/follow.html”. I guess the way I do it is the problem and I would have to do it in some other way to integrate better in the project.

I will keep digging and reading. Any advice is more than welcome. Thanks!

sorry, I have a mistake here, Redux Persistence only work with react native :slightly_smiling_face: I am developing hybrid app so some time confusing between js and native

After reading the parameter navigation suggestion and reading some doc I am not certain but I believe the best solution in my situation would be to change the way I am doing things right now.

As I described before, I have an html resource that I place in the public folder and when I want to use it in my project, I use an icon with the action “Open Link”:

The URL field is empty because I indicate that in the Firestore database where I write something like this:

The general address is “./follow/follow.html” to get to the web resource. The rest of the url is the specific info to open that specific song.

So I am thinking that I am doing it wrong and I should be using the action “Go To” so I can use the navigation parameters and that way the web resource would be integrated within the project not signing out from Firestore as it happens now. But I don’t know how to achieve this as the “follow.html” file is not a component or a screen in the project.

I would really appreciate some guidance regarding this to achieve what I am looking for.

Thank you!