Using a Theme Forest theme

Totally new to React Studio. I’m a UX designer and have been approached by a client that wants to work with a template they purchased from Theme Forest:

Is there a way to import this theme and use its components to create a customized prototype?

Thanks in advance

Hi, thanks for your message!

Importing any pre-made projects would be definitely awesome to have but unfortunately we don’t have solution for that. It would be really hard to convert existing code into visually editable format because the imported code can be basically anything. Just creating the inspector panels and all imaginable settings and data blocks would need some sort of highly sophisticated AI.

Any custom code bits (elements, components, data connectors etc.) needs to be wrapped into React Studio plugin format to make it reusable and available in Studio’s toolset. This is also really powerful feature and let’s you build your own app assembly line/app factory. It’s take some time but once the plugin is written the generated code will be exactly the same on all projects where you use it. It improves code quality and saves time in testing in all of your projects. This also makes the React Studio not a typical no-code tool, it requires effort from both; design and code teams.

@Antti_Neonto Thanks for your reply. I hope to dive into React Studio sometime soon.