Using JSON data plugin in React Studio video still hits a dead end

Regarding this video, I hit a wall around time point 0:40. As noted in the updated description, the old Netflix Roulette API is no longer in service. However, the updated url provided ( doesn’t let me proceed with the tutorial. When I entered it into the source url field in React Studio, it still said there was no data from the server. Is there a new tutorial I could use? Thanks.

Hi, if you check the Generic JSON example template project (from File - New from Template) you’ll see that it is using the jsonplaceholder API. It’s quite slow API but it’s meant just for development purposes.

If you copy and paste e.g. this API url to your browser you should see the return JSON.

Here’s what I got when just tested to load ‘posts’ endpoint to React Studio’s Data sheet

Thank you for your reply. I don’t know how to set ip this template to get to where you are here.

Just open the template project from templates. Click File - New from template and choose the JSON plugin template from list.

Thanks, Antti. That’s what I did. The obstacle I hit was not knowing what to do from there.

You can simply generate the code or open the project in Browser. If you want to see the JSON plugin settings just select the plugin from Data sheet view by clicking the Data plugin setup and select the JSON plugin instance.