Value transformed script not getting reflected



I have a got a “Section” component and “SectionHeader” component inside section. Now there is property called “title” being passed on to “SectionHeader” comp. I have written a small value transformer script to set its value. However prop value specified in value transformer is not being passed to child component.
Following are the screen shots 1. Configuration and code in studio. 2. Generated code in code glance-

Am I doing something wrong?



As I am new user it did not allow me to post 2 images. Here is the code glance div image.


Have you set the data linkage for nested component in the screen where you’re using the component? Otherwise the value transformer script does not “activate” because the state is not updated.


Yes. I think I have. Below is the child component side configuration


But what about the parent screen? Have you set the props also in the parent screen where the component is placed?


the parent screen is posted in the first post of this discussion thread. On top left corner you see all the props created/available (inherited) for this “Section” component. Is this the one you are referring to?


Ok, but is from where is the title prop populated in screen “level”? Basically what is the data source which sets the value for title in Screen? I’m quite sure that value transformer scripts will not “fire” unless the property is not set from some Data source (data sheet or Data slot).


ok. Its not linked to a data slot or data sheet. I simply created it by clicking on “Add property” on workbench. I will try linking it to dataslot. thank you