Vector shapes error

if i have a vector shape with a corner radious > 0 and a fill color pproperties with custom js code the compiler return duplicate transformation error…
can you verify?
regards Paolo

Hi, thanks for the bug report.

We tested I can confirm that if Rectangle (Vector shapes) has corner radius on then codegen creates duplicate values. Unfortunately we’re in the middle of holiday season and next release for free edition will be available approximately in four weeks. Unfortunately until then you need to skip the corner rounding or fix it in the code files manually.

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Hi Antti,
no problem, I have insert with javascript the corner radius values … I can wait.
What are the differences between the free version and the paid version? There is a demo ? What is the price?

regards Paolo

Hi, we don’t have ”regular” paid version of the Studio. Every paid version is some sort of ”enterprise customisation” build for clients special needs. The Customisation projects starts from 20-40k EUR and are usually at least 100k per year. React Studio is just a one implementation; other versions can be for other target languages.

We’ve tried to put a monthly price tag for RS as well but it would require huge paying user base to make it work. The reality is that the amount of support requests become huge when non-developers start using the app. The app itself is most poverfull when user has own developers who can build plugins and who understand the code as well. In case there is a small price tag (e.g. 20€/month) the clients expect fast response rates for support, at the monent the free edition can be released ”as is” and we can put our limited resources into paying enterprise clients.