Web App offline

how i can make my webapp available for offline use?
I like to understand how i can syncronize data with a remote server and make all screen available with all function.
regards paolo

We’ll you need backend and plugins that will take care of syncing the data when device comes online from offline. Easiest this is by using Firebase backend because they have built in offline support. You can test it e.g. with this demo chat project: https://neonto.cloud/u/chatdemotest/

You can write messages even if your device is offline and messages will sync to online when connection is established again.

Here’s a tutorial how to build the chat app shown in example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OZFsgHa3fE&list=PLKrYy47a9BRleRGnLAarv5zkf_2eDUrh6