Web Service Login Gate

I’m trying to hook up the login gate to a web service. Is there an easy way to adjust the dummy login plugin to do that? Or do I have to create a new plugin? Any help / samples would be greatly appreciated.


The dummy login gate is just a base skeleton for writing your own login plugin. The best (and probably the only way) way is to write your own plugin and use the Dummy Login plugin as the the baseline for your own code.

Yes, you are able to use the dummy login gate and add some script that performs the web service call for validating your credentials. Upon success, then call " this.finishLogin(); " in order to use the Login gate settings for “When unlocked, go to:” .


I added the script to the “LOGIN” button.

The first two steps was used to save some info to data slots.
3rd step has the script to call the web service .

And the 4th was used to activate the unlock gate

Login gate settings

Thanks - I will try that method.