Write Plugin to create Container Object


I would like to build a plugin that makes another container component available in React. Unfortunately, I can’t find much about this in the Neonto Plugin Api. Would anyone have a simple example of this?

I would be very happy about your help.

Many Thanks

Hi, what kind of use case are you thinking of and what would the container component “do”?


i would like to write a plugin that allows me to use react-beautiful-dnd for a list. For this I would have to create a container that can contain a list as well as a list element. I’ve already read the docs, examples and the most common plugins, but haven’t found out how to create a container component.

Thank you and best regards


I think you could simply create an element plugin and add component picker into plugins inspector UI. In the component picker you could choose which component will be repeated in the list.

See the rating plugin as example; there is a component picker for selecting which component is shown instead of the default “star” icon.