Xano Signup does not show checkbox fields

Hi @Antti_Neonto, I just created a signup screen for my app and would like the user to tick that they want promotions and agree to the terms at the same time. I added the fields successfully to the XANO API. Unfortunately checkboxes do not show up in the field list (only text and normal fields) where you assign the input fields in the Xano Signup Plugin (please also see screen print). Can you help please?

If anybody else needs an agree the terms tickbox I found a way around this …
On tick of the checkbox save the data to a data slot e.g. ds_terms (see screen print).
Screenshot 2021-07-26 at 11.53.36
Then create a text field called “field terms” and set it to invisible.
In the Data of the text field set the data slot as source (e.g. ds_terms).

Then in the xanoSignup Plugin set the text field as source for the signup web service call.

Obviously you need to have a field in the xanoSignup API for that: